Are you seeking methods to alleviate stress, anxiety or stay focused on the present moment?

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent tool to help address these issues and offers many physical, mental and emotional benefits. Practised for thousands of years and introduced to the West for its promising pain-relief benefits, people often report improvements even after a few minutes of mindfulness meditation each day. Learning how to meditate may seem challenging at first but, with guidance from your practitioner, you can develop the skills to focus your practice and feel better.

In a world where daily life is becoming busier, our nervous systems are often in a constant stressed state activating our nervous system’s fight-flight-freeze response. Mindfulness meditation provides a grounded and science-based practice to calm and settle the mind, body and soul.

Our weekly adult group meditation classes are your opportunity to carve out a moment for self-care.

In these classes, you’ll discover a space to pause, unwind and embrace much needed rest and relaxation. You’ll join other busy adults who struggle to find time in their day to stop and be present. Each class is carefully planned to offer support as you find some quiet, inner connection.

There may be some simple and easy mindful movements before the class begins to ease you into the practice of meditation and these can be modified if necessary. Soft sound therapy may also be used gently to help deepen your sense of relaxation and grounding. When the meditation has ended, you may wish to share your experience with the group, take part in individual or shared reflection using affirmation cards, and share some herbal tea to help ground your energy before stepping back out into your day with mindful presence.


  • TIME: 10AM

What to expect?

You will discover guided meditation practices and skills developed from my formal studies and most influential teachers – as well as those that I have found to be most beneficial, including: mindfulness techniques, breath awareness, full body scan/awareness, relaxation, loving kindness meditation, visualisation, moving meditation, sound therapy, arts & crafts and journaling.

All these practices can be valuable and helpful for integrating and cultivating inner peace, calm and resilience into our demanding lives.

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What to expect?

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