Guided meditation

Guided meditation

One-hour class, Weekly, Adult, Group Meditation, 10:00am Tuesday and once a month on a Monday night at 7pm. Check booking schedule for Monday night dates.


Carve out a moment for self-care by participating in our adult group meditation. Discover a space to pause, unwind and embrace much needed rest and relaxation. You’ll be among other busy adults who struggle to find time in their day to stop and find presence. Each practice is carefully planned to offer support as you find some quiet, inner connection. In a world where daily life is becoming busier and our nervous systems are often in a constant stressed state, mindfulness meditation can offer us a grounded and science based practice to support our body, mind and souls.

There may be some simple and easy mindful movements prior, which assists us in preparing for the practice, these can be modified if necessary. Differing musical instruments may be used softly and gently for additional sound therapy, this can assist with a deepening sense of relaxation and grounding. Following the practice, you may wish to contribute to group discussion, take part in individual or shared reflection using affirmation cards, and share some herbal tea to help ground your energy, before stepping out to continue your day with mindful presence.


How To Book

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Gentle reminder

When you book, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • Meditation and sharing experiences can be deeply personal and vulnerable. As such, it is expected that you respect the boundaries and confidentiality of others, and don’t try to ‘fix’ people.
  • Everything is presented as an invitation which you can either accept or decline, without fear of judgement.
  • Upon booking, you will be invoiced for the selected class pass. Please read the cancellation policy below. If you don’t show up, the class fee may be forfeited.

I am confident that you will find my courses and guided meditation sessions valuable and empowering and that you will benefit from your own self-exploration.

Fees will be refunded after one class, if you decide the course or practice is not for you. If purchasing a term pass for your child after the second class, fees are not refundable.

Kind Words

Rach Jenkins
June 10, 2024

Nat is amazing very supportive and helpful to learn more about meditation The group is a Wonderful safe and comfort zone

Sean Lappin
May 25, 2024

Natalie’s journey began as a personal one, embodying her practice and then working with her colleagues within her own business to assist them to realise the many benefits Natalie knows are associated with mindfulness approaches. She brings this experience and integrity to establishing Alite Mind. An organisation that she has established to help others on their mindfulness journeys.

Natalie works with people of all ages with a high level of professionalism, grounded in years of study across a range of therapeutic approaches. Along with her genuine, caring and positive personality she consistently delivers high quality services in meditation and counseling.

Tim James
April 29, 2024

I have known Natalie since January 2020 and am so grateful our paths crossed. Natalie has incredible enthusiasm, is a leader in any area she steps into and has a deep passion and ability to support others. It has been an honour to witness her journey over the last 5 years, from bringing mindfulness practices to staff at her engineering business, to studying meditation, mindfulness and counselling and commencing Alite Mind studio at St Agnes to further support the community. Natalie has created a beautiful space for learning, growth and healing and offers amazing services for young ones and adults. She is a heart centred practitioner always looking for ways to enhance the support available to members of the community. I highly recommend Natalie and her offerings.

Lisa Forde
April 25, 2024

Natalie is a passionate and authentic meditation teacher who is highly dedicated to her craft and clients. She walks her talk with continued professional and personal development and brings joy, colour and fun into her group sessions and work with children. I highly recommend her classes.

Ben Walsham
March 26, 2024

I had meditated on and off for a number of years but recently I was seeking something more grounded and consistent. I joined Natalie's group and have seen a massive improvement to my practice. It's a supportive environment and have learnt a lot since joining. Highly recommend for anyone looking to develop their mindfulness!

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